Fenceless Condominium

With the positive feedback of the implementation of the fenceless neighborhood which is done by Copenhagen and Hongkong,  the real estate investors expect to witness additional condominiums visible in Singapore which shares their facilities and courtyard to others or to the whole public in coming years, published The Straits Times.

This idea was coined when the URA or Urban Redevelopment Authority motivates developers to try for more open styles and designs.

One North Residences around Buona Vista is an example of a city-state which implemented fenceless condominium.

Actually, it even magnified visually permeable designs in many tenders for residential property.  In the latest tender of  West Coast Vale area, for example, The URA revealed suggested that the design for each unit “should not look as wall-like” for those developments which face other developments, but it must have a boundary  that “softens via landscape remedy.”

Some developers are considering the use of soft barriers.

One development in West Coast Vale specifically the Parc Riviera Condo under El Development builder features porch vegetation instead of using the fence on both sides, in front of park connector.

Lim Yew Soon, the director of El Development said, ” It appears porous, people can visualize what’s inside but to going up in the property would be a big challenge. ”

The former urban planner of URA, Chua Yang Liang, affirms that the implementation of fenceless condominiums is positive move since most visually porous perimeters turns the environment appears more capacious.

With a gated communities implying an exclusivity, safety and security and as much as there is a price void between condominiums and public housing”,  Lee Kong Chian, Chair Professor of Social Sciences and Professor Lily Kong of  Singapore Management University’s Provost, never expects that this idea would easily be adapted.

Singapore to have more fenceless condominiums
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